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We love the environment as much as we would yearn for a good quality sleep every night. If you think about it, a good environment permits us a true, quality sleep, doesn’t it?

HyggeB appreciates the environment we live in and we want to play our part to protect it.


Fall asleep with a dream...

The Environment

We use bamboo, the No.1 renewable resource in all our products. It is the fastest-growing plant in the world at a rate of about 1-4 inches a day.

Given that bamboo is naturally pest-resistant, there’s no need for pesticides and insecticides which are often the few common culprits that bring harm to our lovely planet.

Our protection effort does not stop here. Further research shows that the manufacturing of fibers from bamboo (bamboo rayon) can be as disastrous if we do it the conventional way.

This prompted our first discovery of bamboo lyocell - we were elated that it is produced in a much greener way, allowing us to stand by our promise to Mother Nature.

You can find out more about our HyggeB Bamboo Lyocell manufacturing process here.

and wake up with a purpose.

The People

Apart from the environment, HyggeB wants to care for our bedding-crafters (what we love to call the people behind the scenes during manufacturing).

If you’re still unaware, the conventional method in making bamboo rayon sheets uses very harmful chemicals like carbon disulfide to dissolve the bamboo. Daily exposure to such harmful chemicals by the workers is likely to result in long-term health issues.

With bamboo lyocell, we're proud that we can take a step forward to a more sustainable process. Of course, we will continually work with industry experts to find ways to refine and improve the process.

HyggeB is not only about making the most comfortable sheets for our customers, but we also want to create the best working environment for our bedding-crafters.

HyggeB cares for our customers, likewise the environment and our workers.