Snuggle up to our dreamy soft bedding.

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"2020 Bedding Choice"

Hi, we're HyggeB!

We design bed sheets to be the #1 Comfiest and Softest you could ever imagine!

Experience our signature 100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell sheets that feels gentle on your skin.

HyggeB Model Hugging Pillows

love comfort + the environment

Let's get in bed, together!

100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell
Insanely Soft + Silky Smooth
Breathable + Moisture Wicking

Between the Sheets.

HyggeB's Lyocell fibers are extracted from bamboo and produced to be softer than silk, cooler than linen and more absorbent than cotton.

Snooze in our new age material for the ultimate comfort.

Model in Pink Lounge Wear
Model on Grey Sheets

Sleep Cool, Stay Cosy.

Experience thermo-regulation with bamboo lyocell.

Our sheets are extremely breathable so it's cool on warm summer days, while the nano-fibers hydrophilic nature helps you stay cosy on cold nights.

5 Stars

"Gotta say... this puts my 1000 thread count cotton sheet to shame, loving our SLEEP! !"

- Emily S.

5 Stars

"And most surprisingly, even my husband acknowledged that the sheets are fantastic!"

- Adeline L.

5 Stars

"Love the materials of the bedsheet and it's comfy in the skin. Had a good night sleep after using it"

-Mabel M.

Mint Sheets HyggeB

Perfect for sensitive skin.

Leave home smelling FRESH with our hypoallergenic sheets that prevent bacteria growth and odour!

Moisture wicks away from the skin with superior breathability.

our latest collection

Sleep addicts, here you go!


The long-awaited HyggeB sheets are now available to get you the ultimate comfort you deserve!


Featuring 3 new colours - Starry Blue, Bohemian Grey, and Moroccan Mint, you definitely find your favourite to style up your bedroom. Not to forget our Marshmallow white to provide the resort-feel for a home-staycation.



HyggeB Bohemian Grey

The natural fabric.

We stand by our flagship bamboo lyocell sheets that is designed to be ECO-FRIENDLY.

Our bamboo sheets are created sustainably and are perfect for sensitive & delicate skin.


change out of cotton + linen

What HyggeB is raved for?

Our fabric is designed for better sleep.

Bamboo Fibers = Insanely Soft, Smooth
Single Ply Yarn = Durable
Superfine 60/40 threads = Better than '1000 Thread-Count'
Sateen Weave = Smooth, Lustrous

Let's Sleep In.

#Dreamwithhyggeb and go on vacation in your sleep.

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